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Bill’s Tip for May: When We Weed –

115As May is in full-bloom, I decided (for shits-and-giggles) to look up what distinguishes weeds from flowers….

As it turns out, there is only one determining factor: Appeal.

Appeal can be locational: Clover is welcome in a flower box but if it naturally weaves its way into a front yard, clover becomes one big nuisance.

Appeal may also be visual: Milkweed is ugly, so we whack-away at it instead of showcasing it in centerpieces.

So, perceptions in hand, we go about life watering the flowers and stomping off to Home Depot for supplies to eradicate the weeds: We segregate the desirable from the unacceptable – but to what end?

Under nature’s direction, flowers and weeds weave themselves indiscriminately into grand landscapes – These are tapestries of equal opportunity, emblazoned with shape, color, and substance.

But should we deem these configurations overgrown? Must we go about manicuring their edges? Is such wilderness any less beautiful because we have not imposed our order and intention onto it?

Perhaps what is truly at issue is how we view things, not the things we view….

Make May your month for renewed clarity and growth:

* May you stop and smell the flowers and the weeds.
* May you consider all living things contributors to a bigger miracle.
* May you realize that you are a vital part of life’s bouquet, as well….

Together, lets create something beautiful: even if that something is bigger than
the sum of its definition.


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