Curiosity: How it keeps us healthy?

How curiosity keeps us healthy?

How curiosity keep us healthy?

The Benefits of being Phony

I am excited about the iPhone 5. While this statement may sound trendy/trite and may put-off you non-Apple pickers – please read on.

Today’s hand-held devices are “smart.” Within our thumbs’ reach we can now take our threads of interest and weave them into an idea-laden web that has the potential of transforming our collective well-being.

Yet, so many resist these technologies. Most of us witness or even make statements like: I’ve been doing it this way for years – why change now. I can’t risk having my identity stolen or I’m too old to learn….

We all have inner-critics telling us we can’t, we shouldn’t, or we won’t. More often than not, these “little voices in our heads” are defending shaky self-perceptions and believed short-comings. For sanity’s sake, we need to put away these subjective assertions and turn toward the rewarding process of continual growth.

“Curiosity is more important than knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

Books source of knowledgeOutside interest in anything – whether football, phones or physics, creates an escape route from the limits of our self-consciousness. When we become fascinated, we dive into a sea of possibilities because we are looking to something instead of wallowing in something. Einstein felt his greatest discoveries were born within this window – a place where his inner-critc was off-limits.

“Fake it until you make it”

When learning a new skill, forging toward a new understanding or assuming a new position it is quite common to feel awkward – like you are an imposter and should stop before others find out: Do it anyway. The initial steps of growth often have remnants of your inner-critic telling you that you are in danger of humiliation and should stop now: Don’t believe it.

“Curiosity killed the cat”

This month, let curiosity put an end to your “scaredy cat” inner-critic. Realize that possibilities are available because you are ready for them.

When opportunity calls, gladly answer – on whatever phone you happen to have.


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