Forget Valentines Day – Throw love at people everyday!

Bill’s tip for February: Buying Love

68I visited the supermarket this morning – the aisles already adorned with pink-frosted cupcakes and floating heart-shaped balloons. I thought to myself: Don’t they know today’s displays will be spoiled and deflated by the 14th?

Clearly, this pre-holiday product placement is a teaser designed to get us in the mood so, by Valentines Day, we are whipped into a candy and card shopping frenzy.

Although the Groundhog has yet to see his shadow, our most infamous Hallmark holiday is already popping up and peaking at us with dollar signs in its eyes.

I imagine the marketing department heads last autumn; huddling together, scanning charts detailing cost/benefit analyses: “Why wait?” they plot, “we can afford a little product-loss at February’s front end to ensure a sure thing at its back end….”

Perhaps I am needlessly painting villainous moustaches on marketers: By-and-large I’m sure they are lovely people just doing their part to keep consumerism pumping through America’s veins. And, in the case of Valentines Day, I believe these masters-of-exposure have, unintentionally, hit on a concept that is deliciously healthy: Why not extend the holiday?

How would you feel if you decided to throw love at everybody – every day?

I’m not implying the “it takes two to tango” sizzling kind of passion, rather, I’m suggesting the unconditional, expectation-less, no-need-to-reciprocate positivity that is sitting inside of you (and all of us) right this instant.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What is my cost/benefit analysis for kindness? Does honorable behavior cost me anything? In doing something nice, do I feel beneficially supersized?

I am in full support of making every day Valentines Day. So, may I be the first to beat every advertiser out there in wishing you:

Happy Valentines Year

Love, whatever form it takes, feels good and is good for you – No purchase necessary.

Phillip’s tip for February: Passing Problems

692012 is in full swing! Are you allowing abundance to flow or are you worrying your days away? Uncovering your positive attitude may involve working through some unpleasant feelings from time to time but you can, with practice, learn to release negativity’s hold on you.

When faced with a challenging life situation, try proclaiming:
This pain is temporary. I am open to working toward its solution.

If you find yourself lying in bed too long, try moving past any storytelling or excuses that may be keeping you there. Consider both the pros and cons of your situation, then ask:
How does being anxious or depressed possibly serve me today?

Find the facts. Center yourself. Move forward.

May you uncover the abundance that already exists within you and find a peaceful process for meeting life’s challenges head on – with a knowing nod and a friendly handshake. Accepting that life creates enough for each of us helps reinforce a journey that’s joyfully well lived – however rough the road.

Please note: I have a few appointment openings available for those looking to tune up or expand on our work together. My new contact number is 323-656-4440.

I am also starting a Thursday evening coffee-house style single men’s therapy group! The Mental Gym is open to other groups, as well – let us know your needs and ideas.


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