Healthy Nutrition to savor the flavor of our lives

Healthy Nutrition - Food choice

Healthy Nutrition to savor the flavor of our lives

Nutritional food plan

Healthy Nutrition Plan

Monday through Friday alarm clocks echo into weekends brim-full of the errands we didn’t have a chance to complete after-work or on our lunch breaks. Before we know it, Sunday night signals the wind-down of one week and the gearing-up of yet another one….

We rush through everything! Even these articles are deliberately brief because readers tend to allot only a moment or two for self-reflection.

Stop gulping!

As a child, I was told to chew my food 20 times, before swallowing. Whether this served to unlock the food’s nutritional value or was my parent’s clever way to calm my fidgety demeanor. The advice was sound: We must slow down in order to savor the flavor of our lives.

Don’t worry, plenty of studies prove that taking our time does not make us less productive: Remember, the Tortoise, not the Hare, won the race. Enlightenment comes through sipping – not slurping: “Drinking in” an experience allows our surroundings to inform us of a variety of options, which can lead us to healthier choices.

My Sunday Confession

I waited until Sunday to post this article, in order to catch you just as you were turning into a new aisle of another week. Like the advertisement fastened to the end of your grocery cart, I hope you keep the following message posted in your periphery: Shop smart!

As you wheel through your schedule, deliberately slow your pace. Fight the impulse to buy flashy packaging or only what’s presented at eye-level. Make the informed choice full of nutrition by taking your time and thoroughly mulling over all the options.

Growth us a Gradual Process

There’s is nothing more satisfying than a well-lived life: but this bliss is only the summation of many days thoughtfully spent.

May you make the choice to savor the flavor – feasting bountifully until you’re full.


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