Horrible Bosses – The movie or your life??

Horrible Bosses – The movie or your life??

Bosses - mobbing

You may have seen a recent film in which three extremely negative and hurtful bosses wield their power over their employees. These employees decide to fight back – Mayhem ensues.

Have you ever had a boss / bosses who was horrible?

Because of financial reality we often need to learn to deal with a horrible boss / bosses. Most of us cannot quit even when faced with a difficult Supervisor.

So what can we do about horrible bosses?

We can influence and persuade but never change another person (personal change is always the responsibility of the person changing). However, viewing ourselves as capable, strong and valuable has a powerful effect on any situation.

Try re-framing the way you see your work. Realize your current position affords you the opportunity to provide for yourself and those you care about. Find ways to take a moment to reward yourself for a job well done – even if you’re the only one who will acknowledge this. Most importantly, make a conscious effort not to take your work frustrations home with you. Doing so allows your horrible boss to win at work AND at home – Misery loves company: Do not become at home the boss you hate at work!

“Happiness is the Best Revenge.”

Why not decide to be just happy? Do your best, set healthy boundaries, don’t gossip about your boss or fellow employees, take breaks to breathe, think before you respond in anger – Shine just for the sake of being shiny.

Amazing changes may take place in your workplace just because that change started with you. You may even impress your horrible boss(!)


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