How “honor” is a state of living with graceful intentions

Bill’s tip for July: “It’s an Honor”

Our Nation recently honored the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. So, in the day or two since July 4, I’ve been contemplating the concept of honor:

“Honoring” is a popular activity: We honor those we’ve lost with memorials and tributes. We honor our achievements with award shows. Some of us were Honors Graduates. Honors lists go on and on….Yet, what makes something or someone truly honorable?

“Say something idiotic and nobody but a dog politely wags his tail.”

I believe Virginia Graham’s above quip gets close to the true spirit of the word in question: Honor is a state of living with graceful intention.

Despite what The Real Housewives show us on television, being “honorable” is doing what’s right even though it may not be doing what’s popular. (Just like the above dog).

Honor is present not because of contests or trophies or even eulogies, it exists in our lives because we all have honor within us. It is a feeling we can access by knowing and showing our greater good. – All we need is an insightful breath and a moment to act appropriately.

Our forefather’s acted with grace and determination in the face of serious bullying by a might far greater than their own. It is in their honor that we have been celebrating ever since.

Phillip’s tip for July: Hope in stressful times – My Journey to Joplin, MO

I recently returned from Joplin, Missouri, my home town. A few weeks ago they experienced a record breaking major tornado and 75% of the town was destroyed. I visited with my mother and she told me stories from her childhood and I learned more about my father’s past too. I was heartbroken by the devastation and the stories of loss.

But the story does not stop there. After the initial shock wore off I was filled with admiration for the human spirit and the people’s ability to come together during times of trial. There are more than 50 relief tents set up by churches all over the city filled with volunteers who were working so hard at clean up and supply distribution. – A baseball bat and ball went quickly to a smiling boy who just wanted to start playing again. I thought of that sweet boy and tears welled up in my eyes.

I witnessed people of different religions and races and social classes working side by side, giving what they could. This was unbelievably inspiring to me. I am changed by what I witnessed.

Hope is a gift that you can give yourself during trying times. It is a reason to wake up in the morning. If you have lived for any length of time you start to realize that hard times generally pass and life gets better. Consider laying down the struggle of life this month and putting yourself in a state of gratitude for what you have. Consider saying, today I will have hope and celebrate the joy of living.


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