How Oprah (and you) can have 25 years of “lightbulb moments”

Bill’s tip for June: “The Big O”

I like Oprah. I say this as if I know her (I do not). Millions are in the same boat as me -not only referencing this global superstar on a first name basis but feeling a close kinship with her.

I hope you caught Oprah’s farewell episode. It was a fireworks display of “light bulb moments” shared from a TV launching pad that has for 25 years impacted the world. When Oprah addressed the secrets to her success on this, the 4,561st Oprah Winfrey Show, true to form, she gave us all of the credit.

Oprah praised her viewership because, through her never-miss-a-day work ethic and the buoyancy of good show ratings, Oprah eventually loosened the grip of her own self-consciousness, opening up to the permission to be herself: Fat, thin, flawed, perfect…. Oprah.

Whatever your opinion, isn’t it fascinating that you have an opinion of Oprah?

We were drawn to Oprah because she let us in -We knew Oprah because she let herself be known. Instead of telling us “how to live” and “what to do,” Oprah took us along as her co-captains and together we sailed the sea of her curiosity: Good books, Africa, women’s rights, education for all and the making of a future President.

So what’s the power of O and how can we have some?

Oprah mused that throughout her 25-year reign, every guest had one thing in common: They all wanted validation. Because she had learned to accept herself first, Oprah could show up with the open-mindedness to be a fair witness for her guests and, in doing so, honor them with her attention.

This June, may we carry on Oprah’s powerful legacy of caring presence – simply gained by knowing, accepting and loving ourselves.

Phillip’s tip for June: Top Ten Reasons to Love THIS Summer

  1. Going to the beach – splashing in the water!
  2. Watching summer movies in ice cold cinemas while munching popcorn and giggling with your girlfriends (or boyfriends – lets not limit ourselves!)
  3. Rediscovering your inner child as you laugh and play (this could be as simple as sitting on your balcony with an old friend and remembering a time when you WEREN”T so cool!)
  4. Taking off your shoes and walking on the grass bare-footed
  5. Fireworks! Watch them – lots of them, hug a friend, hold the hand of a lover!
  6. Outside concerts under a summer evening sky (even a bad concert is a good one when it’s under the stars!)
  7. Picnics in the park – take health food, take treats, take a break!
  8. Falling in Love – AGAIN! (This point is open to interpretation!)
  9. Reconnecting with old friends in a more casual way (no agenda – just together time.)
  10. Slow down just a bit and enjoy. Take breaks and breathe deeply – remembering that this summer is a gift!

For some happiness comes as easily as breathing. For others it must be a conscious choice. Stay informed of world events but try not to obsess over them. There is so much more to the world then bad news! Consider giving yourself the assignment of spending time every day looking for the good in life and also the good in the people around you. If you are looking for things not to work out- guess what? You may just get your wish!

Today consider making a very conscious decision to allow joy back into your life.
Its almost summer – why miss the fun!


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