How shifting your perspective creates balance in life

Bill’s Tip for January: Off – Handed Remarks

Champagne glasses clinging, the chimes of a New Year ringing – 2013 is here, bringing yet another opportunity to erase the errors of days gone by with the promise of things to come.

Armed with resolution, we launch forward – going on diets, vowing to be in better touch, heralding the end of nasty habits. While this renewed vigor is admirable, it would be wise to review the way we approach our goals. An old adage reminds us:

“Insanity is doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome.”

Despite this (and perhaps drunk on the promise Baby New Year brings) we often leap before we look – attempting to ascend to higher-living with the faulty methods previously used during past attempts at becoming new, different, better.

A handy analogy to help you get to where you’re going

I often tell my clients that the key to well-being is Awareness: That betterment is not about changing, but about acknowledging and utilizing the abilities that already exist within each of us. Here’s a quick and easy exercise that illustrates this:

Take ten seconds to acknowledge your non-dominant hand. This palm and these fingers, although assigned to backup status, are every bit as capable as the other hand you favor to the point of dependency. Your non-dominant hand is rife with unexplored possibilities and capable of amazing things – should you only think to use it.

The next time you brush your teeth, switch hands. Although this practice may prove awkward, notice how the experience pulls you into the moment: You are no longer auto-piloting your way toward cleaner teeth. You cannot blindly rely on the habit of using what you know, and, as a result, you become more aware of what’s actually happening.
Realize that you have at-hand alternate ways of viewing and solving anything. If you find that something isn’t working, consciously address the dilemma using the other options up your sleeve.

Being Emotionally Ambidextrous

This year work on becoming emotionally ambidextrous. Find opportunities to practice life from an even-handed sensibility. Learn to shake hands with your complete package – the terrific person that you already are.


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