Learning to be a better you by not changing

Bill’s Tip for December: Storybook Beginning

61Dust off the fruitcake – Here come the holidays with all their social trimmings: Mixers, Open Houses, office parties, family get-togethers…whew!

The short end of the peppermint stick

Whether lighting the menorah or decorating the tree, when attending these celebrations we bring with us our personal perceptions, comparisons and assumptions – at times triggering judgments that are anything but jolly.

Sticky thinking

Clearly, our negative views of self and others can get in the way of our positive progress. However, Betterment is a slippery slope: It is easy to fall into a belief that we (or others) are not enough without reaching our intended goal. As the New Year’s Eve clock strikes midnight, It is not uncommon to find a roomful of people formally resolving to become better, stronger and more successful…and so, the whole cycle begins again.

Embracing not pursuing

People who attain powerful emotional growth do so because they don’t dwell on changing themselves. Instead, they focus on learning how to acknowledge themselves – which then, through this perception shift, changes everything for the better….

Storybook beginning

Make this holiday season one for the storybook: Turn the page on your negative judgments and crack open a new chapter. Begin interpreting life’s passages with the warmth and humor that already exists within you, then share this gift with others – ’tis the season!

Phillip’s tip for December: Christmas unlisted

62Dear Santa,
I have been sweet (when it got me what i wanted)
I have given of my time (when I knew people would notice)
and I am really smart and attractive!
I have been truly wonderful and deserve the best of everything – Good things come to good people, right?
So, here goes….
What I want for Christmas this year: Diamonds…
a trip to Paris…new fabulous clothes! A perfect sex life…
oh…and lots of admirers!

All caught up

Santa’s pen pal is missing the point of the holiday! People get so caught up in desires that it becomes almost impossible to be satisfied. If people’s happiness depends on a checklist of items, where does this leave us when we can’t check off every item?

Give and take

In this season of giving, please consider taking the time to be generous with your love. You may sometimes feel too tired to return calls or attend every function, but generously respond to these invitations anyway. People are almost desperate these days for real connection. If you feel emotionally stagnant, become more aware of the gifts (however non-traditional) all around you
– a pet, a friend, a neighbor, a partner.

My sincere Christmas/Holiday hope is that each of you notices how completely satisfying your life is right now and that you choose embrace this gift, instead of wishing only for the ones on your list.

– Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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