Living forward while appreciating where you’ve been


Living forward while appreciating where you've been

Living forward while appreciating where you’ve been

By: Phillip McCulley, LMFT

Phillip McCulley, LMFT - Living forward

Phillip McCulley

This is by far the hardest article I’ve written in the 2½ years I’ve been with The Mental Gym. The topic: Living Forward and how it applies to me.

Saying Goodbye

It’s been an amazing journey and a sincere privilege to work with so many of you. I have witnessed almost every level and type of human emotion and condition – Grief, frustration, joy, fear & panic…. I’m grateful to these experiences and the challenges that have been a part of this process.

I rejoice in our shared progress and I’m thankful to have been such an intimate and rewarding part of so many of your lives. You are truly the best expert of your own life. Don’t stand in your own way – set a reachable goal, break it down, and then begin.

I wish you all happy, peaceful lives that are both challenging and rewarding.

My work at The Mental Gym has shown me that starting “something big” can be beyond rewarding. I highly recommend that you also tackle your dreams: It’s a great way to keep life fresh and enjoyable – you can do it!





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