Love as a Sentence

Bill’s February Tip: Love as a Sentence

97c97407-ee42-453f-ac37-ea74c94940d4Ah, February – chock-full of Valentine’s niceties designed to celebrate our relationships. But let’s put cards, candy – and even roses aside for a moment, and dive past these well-intentioned symbols of devotion toward a deeper explanation of love.

This pursuit is nuanced and tricky: symbols – in this case words and sentences – must still be manufactured to explore these amorous intangibles. Poetry seems our best attempt to get at love’s core; yet, we must circumnavigate even allusion and metaphor in journeying toward today’s destination.

Ironically, the essence of love is best defined in structural terms, not through deciphering the content we use to convey it.Love in motion is far greater than its representation: Flowers are nice but love’s true magic lies within the thoughtful act, not the flowers themselves. “I’m in love” seems snapshot static when compared with “I am loving.”

Simply stated: Love is always better served as a verb, not a noun.

Love does not have to look a certain way – velvet hearts will always fall short without understanding the kind heart that underlies the giving of this gift.

I recently heard someone define the word “kindness” as love in action:

I hope you all fill your February with kindness – in deed.


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