“Mixing it up” with another is a beautiful way to learn and grow

Bill’s tip for February: Earn Your Purple Heart

44The Purple Heart is a medal of honor bestowed on American soldiers wounded in battle. This Valentine’s season, in the name of love (not war) I would respectfully like to rework this concept by eliminating the conflict and the injury and help us all earn our very own healthy purple heart.

New colors are created when we mix different pigments together. Strong relationships are formed in a similar way. Whether friendly or intimate, “mixing it up” with another is a beautiful and vivid way for us to grow and evolve.

Having a quality relationship involves learning to recognize, embrace and even nurture the differences in ourselves and in our partner. Through compassion and cooperation, we can combine these unique qualities, inspiring something we could never create on our own.

Mix Red and Blue together and Purple is Born.

During February, try envisioning yourself as Red and your companion as Blue. Realize Red doesn’t know how to make Blue, nor does Blue know how to make Red. Make it your intention not to struggle with attempts to change their pigment (their uniqueness) in any way.

Whenever you and your partner are together, do not focus on each other. Focus, instead, on the colorful blend you are mutually creating together. Simply direct your attention to conceiving purple: From “you” and “me” make “we,” then bask in the warmth of it all as the purple grows, matures and gives back ten-fold….

Beginning this month, become a soldier of love. Selflessly contribute your unique qualities to build something beautiful with someone else. Your reward will be a heart filled with purple – Which is truly a badge of courage, honor and love.

Phillip’s tip for February: A Letter of Love

Dearest Valentine,

I wanted to profess my deepest love for you
and thank you for giving me the world!
Your eyes – your lips! Oh sweet love! Your…(blush!)
Without you I would only be half of a whole
– you truly complete me! (just like in the movie!)
I dearly look forward to the coming years – here is to us!
May happiness and love continue to grow! The best is yet to be!


Did you throw-up yet? Did witty sarcasm come to your mind? You may think -“Complete me? Nobody needs to complete me!” True, but does this dismiss the potential joy and life-enriching skills that can be developed if we keep ourselves to love in all its forms?

The above valentine is silly, particularly looking to another to “complete” you. But we can learn about ourselves by working without life with a partner. Sometimes human love interaction is silly (and even messy!) and expressing our happiest love feelings can be an important part of who we are as people. Shout your love to the rooftops if you are fortunate to have it in your life. If not – consider being open to the possibility! How you feel about the possibility of loving having a presence in your life could make all the difference. The power our thoughts have!

If you are part of a healthy couple right now – embrace the joy of being together this month – see your loved one as a partner with fabulousness and flaws. Try to remember to be aware of how you perceive this person – putting them on a pedestal or dragging them through the gutter may not bring the happy relationship you may be seeking. And, if you are single – good for you! You may have increased opportunity to show love to yourself and friends and family. There is time to be independent and chart your own destiny either way.

Happy Valentines Day month everybody! Go spread the news – its cool to be in love and share love in it’s many forms!


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