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Here are copies of recent newsletters

September 2014: Reframe your Thinking for Healthier Results
August 2014: How to Reveal your Authentic Image
July 2014: The Importance of Human Connection
June 2014: Evolving into Clarity
May 2014: How to Plan Happiness
April 2014: How to Not Miss Life’s Moments
March 2014: How to work with stress in order to succeed
February 2014: How to clean out your life to get emotionally current
January 2014: How to Learn from Mistakes
December 2013: How to ask for help.
November 2013: How to be intentionally kind.
October 2013: How to get rave reviews.
September 2013: Getting the most out of forwarded emails.
August 2013: What babies teach us about ourselves.
July 2013: How dogs help us heal.
June 2013: How to deal with unproductive thoughts.
May 2013: Confronting our definitions to expand our experiences.
April 2013: The optimal learning opportunity – Life.
March 2013: Learning to let life flow through you.
February 2013: Determining Fact from Fiction in your life.
January 2013: How shifting your perspective creates balance in life.
December 2012: The best gift to give yourself and others is presence.
November 2012: How to detach from your thought orchestra so you are the maestro.
October 2012: How curiosity keeps us healthy.
September 2012: How to be a teammate instead of a competitor so eveyone wins.
August 2012: Avoid catching the “anger influenza” by upping your psychological immunity.
July 2012: How to shed your emotional baggage through a balanced life diet.
June 2012: The world is full of colorful perspectives – Draw upon them.
May 2012: How to be happier by accepting more and expecting less.
April 2012: How ageless beauty lies within our abilities to live forward not backward.
March 2012: Bust through your boundaries with more purpose and less proving.
February 2012: Forget Valentines Day – Throw love at people everyday!
January 2012: Lessons of GOLF (Growing Old by Living Fully) my father has taught me.
December 2011: Learning to be a better you by not changing.
November 2011: Decode your essence – You are the best interpreter of your life.
October 2011: Strength vs. Force: Instead of getting the upper hand, extend an open hand.
September 2011: How togetherness helps us grow and eventually heals our losses.
August 2011: Finding the courage to be a limitless thinker.
July 2011: How “honor” is a state of living with graceful intentions.
June 2011: How Oprah (and you) can have 25 years of “lightbulb moments”.
May 2011: Knowing the difference between who we are and what we do.
April 2011: FEAR is Forgetting Everything is All Right.
March 2011: Accessing external harmony by letting go of internal conflict.
February 2011: “Mixing it up” with another is a beautiful way to learn and grow.
January 2011: Stop looking down the road – Your “okay-ness” is right here, right now.
December 2010: Accepting every moment with a smile and a tail wag is what life’s all about.
November 2010: How to stay away from proving and defending during the holidays.
October 2010: Knowing what works for any given moment isn’t just for psychics!
September 2010: Why our minds love to “talk dirt” about the person that runs them (you).
August 2010: Stepping out of assumptions to enjoy the playful possibilities with another.
July 2010: Why our healthiest relationships are the ones we don’t need.
June 2010: How to be a human being not a human doing.