How to detach from your thought orchestra so you are the maestro


How to detach from your thought orchestra so you are the maestro

Orchestrate your Life

Thoughts echo through us as things happen to us: The task of orchestrating our internal messages with life’s external stresses can seem, at times, monumental. How we hit and sustain our mental high-notes determines how satisfied we are with ourselves and our lives.

Cacophony or symphony?

If our heads were cavernous concert halls, our thoughts would be the orchestral instruments, on stage, huddled together and poised to play. Baton in hand we would step up and signal these thoughts into action, thus beginning another movement in our lifelong symphonies.

Tempo and dynamic need careful consideration as we point toward this thought or that action. Just as a maestro stands in front of his orchestra to ensure sound balance, we must separate from our thinking in order to attain a effective and workable perspective.

The success of our symphony lies in our abilities to take the sea of sounds in our heads and blend them into expressions that are both plausible and pleasurable.

Be your own Composer

This month, transpose your life by rearranging your corral of thoughts. Determine the kind of music you’d like to orchestrate, then take the stand and point with confidence. Use thoughtful selection and create your expression. Use balance, blend and timing to leave a lasting impression. You are atop the conductor’s box. Not your thoughts, control what plays during your days.

You are the maestro – make beautiful music.


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