Training for Emotional Achievement

Training for Emotional Achievement

Our lives can be overshadowed by our negative thinking. Endlessly looping about what went wrong, why it went wrong and who’s to blame for it going wrong can replace our fun with frustration.

Over time and left unchallenged, our brains can default to this unhealthy habit: We find ourselves negatively perceiving just about everything, leading us to under-appreciate – even miss – the happy moments and good experiences all around us.

The Daily Practice of Re-experiencing Happiness

Recognizing that you repeat undesirable thoughts over-and-over is your call to action. It is important to face your negativity head-on. Taking the following important steps will help you shift your focus back to the healthy positive attitude you deserve.

  • Find a quiet, relaxing place to sit for 5 minutes without interruption.
  • Recall events that made you smile in the last few hours. If today was emotionally challenging, envision your pet’s eager face as you arrive home tonight, a hug from a friend or your mother’s sparkling eyes, as you pay her a long-awaited visit.
  • Recall these happy thoughts again. Take slow, deep breaths and focus on the pleasurable sensation these instances provide. Don’t complicate the happy moments as you reflect, just enjoy the purity of the exchange. Allow your mind to drift from event to event, taking in the joy that comes with these memories.

This exercise is one example of how The Mental Gym can help you re-balance your life by focusing away from situational problems and toward emotionally structured solutions. We customize exercises (like the one above) to find then fit your route to authentic happiness.

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