Knowing the difference between who we are and what we do – choose wisely

What we do?

Knowing the difference between who we are and what we do

Please choose wisely

Like most of you, my thoughts stir me awake each morning. To Do Lists (clients, errands, feeding me/my dog, etc.) push aside my slumbering state and snap me into today’s tasks at hand.

This process of setting goals then developing logical steps toward attaining these goals is what behavioral scientists term Relational Frames. Many of our civilization’s striking advances have resulted from this intellectual protocol.

However, the way we feel about ourselves has little to do with this line of thinking. Whether we groan or grin as the day begins is more about our level of connection with knowing the difference between who we are and what we do.

To unconsciously shift into Relational Frames thinking when defining ourselves is to set in motion the faulty process of proving our worth (instead of owning our worth) and the painful practice of defending our ego (instead of knowing who we really are). We either function out of being good, kind, honest or we do not
-our actions do not make us so. Take a moment to study the below statement:

We keep our thinking in line by watching the line of our thinking.

This sentence may appear riddle-like at first glance, however, with closer inspection, the statement opens up – hinting at the vast knowingness that lies within each of us when we are conscious enough to witness our thoughts instead of defining ourselves by our thoughts.

In your life, may you stay aware of your power of choice – Please choose wisely.


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