21 Relationship Counseling Jackpots:

We all run across relationship counseling advice (this article is an example). We reflexively flag these emails or dump them into our computer’s Trash folders. My mother is my Santa Claus in this regard: I’ve even devoted a whole article to lessons I’ve learned from her incessant email forwarding practices: As a dutiful son, I (mostly) open them… 🙂 I was recently inspired by one of mom’s emailed gems, which became the springboard for this article. I’ve expanded the list (originally credited to Anthony Robbins) by adding my own thoughts. Regardless of origin, I hope you scan, savor, and even forward this helpful Relationship Counseling list to someone you love.

21 ways to winning relationships:

  1. As you give your time and attention to relationships, allow others to contribute equally: This back-and-forth builds solid bonds and bolsters self-esteem for all involved.
  2. Choose a life partner that’s easy to understand: Communication skills are vital building blocks to shared transformation and lasting relationships.
  3. Create a better life balance by honing perception: Don’t believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want.
  4. Say I love you only when you mean it: False promises lead to hurt feelings.
  5. Don’t make perfectionism a life goal: others cannot relate to someone who has all life’s angles covered. (see #1)
  6. When you say I’m sorry, mean it: Apologize in-person and look the other person in-the-eye.
  7. Know the difference between reacting and responding: Appropriate answers are usually given slowly and deliberately.
  8. Act lovingly: it inspires others to do the same and creates synergy: Love can move mountains Here’s one example.
  9. Never laugh at anyone’s dreams: Having a positive purpose is healthy regardless of pursuit.
  10. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable: It allows you to push past your limits and live more completely.
  11. No name-calling: Snarky comments aimed at another’s character can demolish even the longest relationships in seconds. (see #7)
  12. Stop categorizing: Adopt the healthy practice of seeing others as unique individuals.
  13. Communicate effectively, not impressively: Successful communicators consider their audience.
  14. Answer inappropriate questions with a smile – Respond: Why would you ask me that?
  15. See vulnerability as a strength: Healthy adult vulnerability is called intimacy: it’s the stuff that glues us together and gives life meaning.
  16. When someone sneezes say bless you – and acknowledge this kind gesture when you’re the one sneezing.
  17. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson: Civilization’s great discoveries come out of initial failures and the insight these mistakes have taught us.
  18. Remember The Three R’s: Respect for self; Regard for others; and Responsibility for your actions. You know the difference between right and wrong: Decide to function out of the highest-sense of who you are.
  19. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship. (see #11)
  20. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. (see #17)
  21. Spend some quality time alone: The relationship you have with yourself will be your longest – make it a good one.