Addiction Recovery Support

Addiction recovery requires a structured approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective Addiction Recovery method, which explores triggers and provides healthier alternatives for self-soothing.

External self-soothing: reaching for a substance or outside source for relief when feeling overwhelmed, is a behavior that can become a psychological and/or physical habit – leading to disruptive and even deadly consequences.

Addiction is not a solitary disease. Whether you or someone you care about is struggling with drug, alcohol, sex, love, or Internet addiction – the consequences are painful, real, and shared. Relationships are commonly sacrificed as the compulsion takes over and yields the addict powerless over his or her actions. Without treatment and recovery, productive lives are lost but these circumstances also create external casualties, as the bystanders – those sober people involved with the addict at home, school, or work are also tragically touched are affected.

Partnering with you, The Mental Gym teaches tools for tolerating life’s challenges and emotional fluctuations instead of escaping them. We team with you in the process of addressing your issues and we applaud your decision to seek recovery and we assist you in modifying your unhealthy habits through emotional insight and a practical framework of action.

We are also able to assist those who are affected by an addicted family member or loved one – helping them navigate the often unpredictable behaviors and circumstances that addiction creates while addressing their own emotional responses, such as guilt, depression, and helplessness.

The Mental Gym also is a resource for those who are “clean and sober” and want to reinforce this sobriety. We are invested in helping those with past chemical dependency issues re-establish their lives by clarifying purpose and formulating action steps to assist them in constructing sound foundations for building healthier and more productive lives and futures.

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