Ryan Glatt, B.Sc. (Exercise Science), KMI, FAFS
Certified Brain-health Coach
Founder – Somatiq

Ryan Glatt believes physical exercise and active lifestyle are important components of brain health and constitute vital building-blocks for wellbeing.

Instead of utilizing personal training and health coaching to obtain only physical objectives, Ryan customizes unique exercises within these disciplines to also strengthen cognition and improve psychological states.

Ryan’s passion for pinpointing physically-based therapies for stress-related challenges and emotional blocks led him to accumulate fifteen separate qualifications from an array of disciplines including human movement, nutrition, neuroscience, and soft-tissue therapies. Ryan founded SOMATIQ, a brain-health coaching practice, from this education and experience.

Teaming with clients, Ryan uncovers, and then implements brain function-improving strategies: pinpointing cognitively-enhanced exercises, and developing concrete practices that enhance emotional, as well as physical health.

For more information, visit: www.somatiq.co or call Ryan at 805.231.7339

Yasmine Verberckt, CHt.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Founder – Happy in Hypnosis

Yasmine Verberckt, CHt. is a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner who uses her training, instinct, and compassion to help clients overcome the unwanted subconscious patterns that can keep them from attaining goals and achieving life balance.
Yasmine comes to this practice out of real-life resolve: Yasmine’s first career required 16 to 18-hour work days, leading to burnout that physically manifested as shingles and a breast cancer scare – all before she was 30 years-old.
Yasmine found hypnotherapy and quickly felt it’s positive impact in her own healing process. The experience was so life-altering, Yasmine set out to make this her fulfilling professional path.
Hypnosis utilizes techniques which heighten focus, concentration, and suggestibility. Yasmine feels honored to help others uncover their inner-strength and overcome their obstacles through the calm that hypnotherapy and energy work offers.
For more information, visit happyinhypnosis.com You can also contact Yasmine at 818.934.1008 or email her: [email protected]