Acceptance does not mean we must agree with the opinions of others or the challenging circumstances in our lives. Rather, Acceptance is defined as a state of non-struggle.

Many see surrender as a form of giving-up and/or giving-in: this couldn’t be further from the truth. By observing our emotions without the clutter of stress caused by non-acceptance, we open ourselves to the nuances of our unfolding lives. With this awareness, more data can be absorbed and considered. We can then make more informed choices and better decisions when faced with challenging events.

Because many use struggle as a war call for weaponing-up, stress breeds tension and competitiveness, which then can unleash prejudices, assumptions, and irrationality that further complicates matters.

However, aided with a relaxed perspective about the events in our lives, we can select responses that consider our point of view, as well as the points of view of others. This complete equation creates better cooperation that nurtures happier relationships and a more satisfying resolve.

Acceptance can be a useful tool in remedying even the toughest of life dilemmas. Struggle is optional!

Here are a series of articles to help you struggle less by accepting more.

Passing the Time Away…

Here we go, yet ANOTHER quarantine article!? Well, what else are we supposed to write about, read about, talk about, think about these days? After all, I wouldn’t want to appear “out of the loop!” I do not typically...

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Dealing with Disappointment

Thinking back to your childhood, would you have considered yourself a good sport or a poor sport? Did you throw the baseball glove on the ground when you missed the fly ball or refuse to high-five the winning team...

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Psychology Blog: Individuality the Marie Kondo Way

I enjoy Netflix's Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I love how keeping a household item is determined on this show by the "joy" it currently sparks in its owner. I also appreciate Marie's insistence that dishes, dresses, and dungarees...

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Sensibility: Freedom Begins Within

My mother's family tree is firmly rooted in Alabama's red-clay landscape. Because of her upbringing, my formative years were similarly grounded in a deeply Southern sensibility - a perception many experienced for the first time while paging through To Kill a...

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Using Core Value as a Healthier Melody for Life

The Bass Guitar has "core value" when creating today’s Popular music. Why? Because musicians use this four-stringed instrument to establish a song’s rhythm, tempo, and chordal structure. The bass-guitarist plucks the strings: each note individually sounding to fulfill rhythmic...

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Psychology Blog: The Facets of Self-Love

One of the most significant things a person can do in life is to shower themselves with nonjudgmental and unconditional self-love. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as many people struggle with this notion. So, why is it so easy to...

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Hunting for a Happier Holiday Through Acceptance

It’s holiday Open Season! All grown up and no longer toeing-the-line of our parent’s agendas, obligations, and expectations, we have the locked-and-loaded license to see-who-we-wish and do-what-we-like. Sure, Hallmark-tinged moments remain desirous, but we now have free-reign to rein-them-in or...

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Beat the Heat: Effective Tips for Avoiding Anger

Summer is in full swing: We are out-and-about, going places. We are doing things and “mixing it up” with friends, family, and absolute strangers. Maintaining cooperative spirits while juggling vocations and vacations can be challenging. Navigating summer’s crowded sidewalks...

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Success means knowing the difference between who we are and what we do

On most mornings, thoughts of work, errands, and chores stir me awake: To Do lists snap me from my slumber and toward a full day's worth of duties and tasks. My mind "goes there" out of habit and a...

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Can I Trust You with Your Own Opinion?

It's a matter of trust: All of us, at some point, have 1). adopted popular trends 2). joined the opinion bandwagon 3). mimicked the behavior of someone we perceived as better than us as a way to feel "cool." Usually,...

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