How Curiosity Keeps Us Healthy

How Curiosity Keeps Us Healthy

I am excited about iPhone X. While this may sound trendy, trite, even off-putting to non-Apple pickers – Let me state the case for my curiosity…

Today’s hand-held devices are Smart: We are all within thumb’s reach of taking our threads of thought and spinning them into a web that has worldwide implications for positively transforming the planet.

Yet, many of us have reluctance or even anxiety about learning how to utilize the vast potential of the technologies at our fingertips. Our inner-critics tell us we can’t, we shouldn’t, or we won’t. More often than not, our negative self-talk defends our shaky self-perceptions and believed short-comings as we face the ever-upgrading landscape.

Picture Perfect

Unfortunately, today’s results-oriented culture focuses on status and perfection: ironically, this is largely due to using the above technologies – albeit in unhealthy ways. Needing to appear all-knowledgeable or flawless is just plain anxiety producing: In today’s society, it’s as if we have to do our learning in secret, and then show up more polished than the next guy.

However, lasting happiness is not created through comparison or competition: these go-to’s may be culturally popular but they only trigger a range of stories in our heads that leave us perpetually wanting/needing more attention, more recognition, more money. For sanity’s sake, we need to disconnect from this self-involved perfection-seeking and dial up the rewarding process of continual growth – but how?

“Curiosity is more important than knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

The best way to be happy and psychologically healthy is to get out of your head and into your life: Let curiosity put an end to your inner-critic. Outside interests – whether football, phones or physics, create an escape route from the limits of self-consciousness.

When we become outwardly focused, we dive into a sea of possibilities because we are free of ourselves. We stop paying attention to ‘how we are doing’ and, instead, become engulfed in the awe-inspiring moments around us. Einstein felt his greatest discoveries were born within this place – an outward fascination that effectively kicked his inner-critic to the curb. When we free ourselves to become students of life, we learn and grow both intellectually and emotionally.

Fake it until you make it

The initial steps of growth often have remnants of your inner-critic telling you that you are in danger of humiliation and should stop now: Don’t believe it. When learning a new skill, forging toward a new understanding, or assuming a new position it is quite common to feel awkward – like you are an imposter and should stop before others find out: Do it anyway.

The Benefits of Being a Beginner

Even the most talented musicians and athletes began their pursuits fumbling. Realize that possibilities are available to all of us and personal development comes by having the courage to fail and learn from these mistakes. Success is at the intersection where preparation meets opportunity. So when opportunity calls, confidently answer – on whatever phone you happen to have.