Decode your essence – You are the best interpreter of your life

Bill’s Tip for November: The Key

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone is a popular product for teaching foreign language. This brand’s name is a reference to the ancient tablet that proved instrumental in code-breaking Egyptian hieroglyphics into understandable modern text. A wealth of cultural wisdom that had long since vanished from mankind’s consciousness would never have come-to-light if it were not for this artifact and science’s desire to decipher it.

These days, we don’t have to journey through the sands of time to dig up our own archeological challenges – our “thick skulls” are today’s tablets. We must look at the subjective stories we’ve chiseled into our psyches and decode fact from fiction to truly discover ourselves and learn from the world around us.

Decode your essence:

  • You are the archaeologist of your own transformation: Dig into your history, using awareness like a tool – get curious about your patterns of thinking.
  • Get the facts: Unearth the stories you tell yourself about yourself and expose them to the light of day.
  • Risk being visibly honest: Being transparent opens up endless possibilities for others to know you and love you and for you to accept and love yourself.
  • Notice others: they will reflect back how you effect them – Be constructive with this data and use it to correct any unhealthy or defensive reactions.

Perception is the key, which unlocks a healthier and happier way of living

This month, be your own Rosetta stone. You are the best or the worst interpreter of your life. Step away from the myth of who you think you are and dust off the real you. – What you discover will be treasured.

Phillip’s tip for November: I am so grateful

59Ambition often propels us toward bigger things. It is human nature to strive to attain more out of life – Climb great mountains if this is your dream!

However, in this consumer-driven modern world, where we are constantly bombarded with marketers selling us “the good life,” our challenge often lies in balancing our approach. Are we sacrificing life-quality for a jam-packed schedule? What is our definition of “the good life?”

Being grateful for what you have now is an amazing gift to give yourself.

Stop where you are and make a list of things you are grateful for now. Do it! Write down your thoughts and feel free to add to them on a hourly, daily or weekly basis. Start looking for things around you that you can appreciate and find joy in. Here’s what I came up with:

Things I am grateful for today: My Partner / My health / My family / My faith / Friends that make me laugh (and cry – that’s true connection) / My career that allows me to help make the world a better place / My wonderful clients through the years – you all have enriched my life by allowing me to share in your amazing journeys / Oscar, our cat who acts as an anti-anxiety medication / The holidays that make my life seem richer / Trips to faraway places that clear my head and make me think from a different perspective / Workouts that make me feel strong….

My hope is that you feel a slight shift in the way you are viewing life: You are healthy today; You have love today; You have comfortable shelter today. Tomorrow can be an unknown but today is where we live and breathe.

Make a conscious effort to be happy today. Breathe deeply and consider not only the value of where life takes you, but also the value of being exactly where you are.