How to be happier by accepting more and expecting less

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How to be happier by accepting more and expecting less

How to be happier?

Most of us say we want to be happier. We spend our time and money on gym memberships, fantasy vacations – even therapy to create contentment in our lives and ourselves.

Despite the fact we are seeking happiness in our lives. Yet, in session, even well-intentioned clients often become resistant when we address ways to actually put down their personal struggles. This happens for a common reason:

People mix up happiness and acceptance with laziness and failure.

It is my observation that many people are reluctant to resolve unhappiness because they fear that doing so will make them unmotivated and listless. Clients feel that by accepting their circumstances they will then spend their days wasting away on couches in front of television reruns. They justify their unhappiness for a common reason:

People believe misery is a motivator.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the dissatisfied among us that become exhausted from the expectations they impose on themselves, their lives and others. These are the people who tire and ultimately checkout from their lives rather than work through their issues.

“Accepters” are not couch-dwellers: They are individuals who have checked into their lives using who they are instead of abiding by an agenda aimed at proving themselves or waiting for the day they will become happy. In other words:

Someday I’ll be happy doesn’t work.

What if you decided that you were enough – that you deserved to be happy or happier “as is?” What would happen if you approached your day today without having to prove or defend your worth?

Accepting that you’re enough frees you to focus on being happy – not on the problems getting in your way of attaining happiness. Think how much more you’d experience if your negative self-perception wasn’t limiting you: When we’re happy we dance with life, when we’re unhappy we hide from life.

Do you want to be happy or even happier?

Start accepting more and expecting less – then notice how you feel….