It’s Time We Let the Dog on the Couch!

Canines have been our companions for over 23,000 years. Together, we’ve evolved through history into who we are today.

This natural interplay and deep kinship presents yet another life-changing opportunity: We can shift away from our modern struggles and toward healthier perspectives with our dogs as our life coaches.

Psychotherapist Bill Benson began developing The Canine Cure 15 years ago as a fun way to bring therapy concepts to life and, in doing so, speed client recovery.

A dog’s good-natured sensibility is exactly that—good, natural, and sensible: Dogs have the ability to guide us to desired happiness, not through intellect, but through presence. With heightened senses, dogs stay in-the-moment and alert in a way that can provide us with a more accurate barometer for our own lives.

Growing with a good friend to guide us

The Canine Cure teaches us to better gauge both lifes’ pressures and pleasures by studying a dog’s eye view of the world and applying this canine wisdom.

Together, let’s take the next breakthrough steps in our shared evolution by observing, understanding, and benefiting from our best friends in a brand-new way.

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