Intuition – The Healthy Brew Within You

We’ve all experienced Dèjàvu: Those oddly-familiar moments that feel chillingly unexplainable – the seemingly twisted-together tapestry of intuition and circumstance that jolts us into awareness (I feel like I’ve been here before) and questioning (Am I brushing against another dimension?).

People have attempted to demystify intuition and circumstance for centuries. Carl Jung married unrelated – yet coinciding – occurrences into meaningful interpretations for his patients’ growth and wellbeing. He termed this “Synchronicity.” Gestalt psychologist Kurt Koffka famously noted: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts in his swipe at explaining this synergy.

The 21st-Century Twilight Zone

Today this idea of transformative convergence is most-often broadcasted with mystical exclusivity. Despite what psychic-advisory radio commercials shout at us, interpreting life circumstances and using their gained insights in healthy and reassuring ways does not require that we’re supernaturally gifted.

The Healthy Brew that’s within You

Whatever you call the above (dèjà-synchro-psychic-cognition perhaps?) this helpful concoction of time and space relies on three essential ingredients: Presence, Clarity, and Trust. When we get out of our way, we free ourselves to truly and knowingly live here-and-now (Presence) which opens us up to an understanding of what works (Clarity) to ensure a productive outcome (Trust).

“Lightbulb Moments” (Oprah’s term) occur when we silence the constant yammering of our internalized storytelling, and we become available to witness and acknowledge life’s momentsand then revel in the messages and lessons they impart.

EXERCISE: Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Focus on listening – noticing the sounds around you and casually inventorying these occurrences. After 30-seconds, open your eyes and ponder those sounds you hadn’t previously noticed.

Next, metaphorically open your eyes: So many of us sprint through our days without ever taking the time to witness what is genuinely unfolding. Ask yourself: Could paying better attention to what is going on help me more-effectively navigate my day?

Intuition is the unbiased understanding of what is unfolding

We all have knowingness within us. We all have a sense of right or wrong – even if these understandings individually vary. When we harness intuition, we leave intellectual/myopic/self-involved proving and defending behind. Rumination dissolves, and we become free to usher ourselves along an emotionally healthy and fulfilling path of fresh experiences and acute perceptions. It is the effortless use of our unique organic truths that keep us from internal struggle and open us to intuitive living.

Lead with your soul. Follow with your mind.

Grabbing ahold of life’s moment-to-moment unfolding strengthens our relationships and enhances our abilities to contribute to the greater universal good. When we use our intuition, synchronicity is a natural result. We note an appropriate flow, and we take faithful stock that everything is as it should be.

Super and Natural

So, the next time you think to consult a crystal ball for reassurance, look past your mind-made conjuring. Instead, use your abilities of Presence, Clarity, and Trust to guide you: Your extra-sensory perception lies within.