Learning to let life flow through you

Learning to let life flow through you

Life flow

Finding Life flow? Each of us has the capability to do splendid things.

Go with the Flow

Sailing Boat

Sailing Boat

Close your eyes, kick off your shoes, and roll your pant-legs knee-high as you imagine walking along a pristine beach. Observe the rhythm of the surf: how the tide pushes in then pulls out, over and over again.

On the surface, this push and pull seems unproductive – a zero-sum gain. However, if you imagine what’s happening on a deeper level, you realize there is a method in place:
The tide circulates the sand and sea – filtering both in the process.

In like kind, there is a larger tidal force at play as we breathe in and out: Trees drink-in the carbon dioxide we exhale, then process it to dispense the oxygen that sustains us. Life has an endless flow that nourishes all involved…if we let it.

Are there instances where you find yourself going against life’s flow?

Whether physical or emotional, when we refuse to let life cycle through us, the process stalls. When we hold onto emotions like anger, loneliness or self-pity, the stress we create dams up our abilities to think clearly and behave appropriately. In essence, we become as toxic as a stagnant pool of water.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. – Mark Twain

Living healthier involves allowing life’s ebb and flow. Practice cutting the anchoring thoughts that find you fighting the tide and, instead, allow challenging circumstances to cycle through you.

Trust that there is a deeper current at play: Your decision to stay present will allow you the flexibility to work with life’s ripples and waves, instead of being swamped by them.

They say “Hope floats” – So does an even-keeled attitude.


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