When it comes to counseling, we use a team approach…

We work with you to increase the mental balance and build the emotional stamina our often high-stress world requires.

Together, we up your emotional I.Q. by training you to recognize how your thoughts trigger your feelings, attitudes, and actions. Using study-proven techniques, we uncover any negative concepts and emotions that may be compromising your well-being or blocking your fulfillment.

Skilled and invested, we reinforce effective strategies and empower you to create and sustain a regimen that will keep you healthy and happy for years to come.

Major Areas of Treatment

Aging/Geriatric: Healthy aging. Mid-life crisis. Cognitive strategies. Overcoming losses. Caregiver support.

Anger Management: Increasing self-awareness. Recognizing outburst antecedents. Utilizing self-soothing techniques.

Anxiety: Generalized anxiety. Specific phobias. Social phobias. Agoraphobia. Panic attack. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Financial stress.

Creative: Writer’s block. Emotional obstacles. Creative risk-taking. Exploring the unconscious.

Diversity: Marginalization. Prejudice. Persecution.

Death/Dying: End of life issues. Palliative decision-making.

Mood Disorders: Depression. Bipolar disorder. Dysthymia.

Gender/Sexual Orientation: LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) challenges: Family and friend relationship impacts. Shame. Self-esteem enhancement. Gender-role understanding. Discrimination. Acceptance.

Grief/Loss/Bereavement: Support through various stages of grief. Coping (expected and unexpected losses). Finding and expressing ones needs. Expressing grief/loss in healthier ways. Trigger management. Adapting.

Life Transitions: Job loss. Empty Nest syndrome. Relocation adjustment. Divorce and Relationship closure.

Loneliness: Socialization techniques. Repairing interpersonal relationships. Freeing inhibitions.

Men: Gender specific therapy. Dynamics of personal and societal expectations.

Parenting: Behavioral modification strategies. Co-parenting approaches. Communication skill improvement.

Personal Growth: Self-realization. Interpersonal effectiveness. Overcoming obstacles.

Professional Development: Career stagnation. Professional skill enhancement. Career opportunities. Situational improvement through the understanding psychological dynamics.

Relationships: Communication skills development. Cooperation enhancement. Pre-marital counseling. Loving partnership maintenance.

Self-esteem: Self-concept solidification. Development of talents/skills/abilities.

Stress Management: Relaxation techniques, Guided imagery, Development of adaptive coping skills.

Trauma/Abuse: (Sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional): Coping strategies. Release of Guilt. Relief from Victimization.

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