How to shed your emotional baggage through a balanced life diet

How to shed your emotional baggage through a balanced life diet


My New Pal

91Many of us have “smart” phones: Devices that (with only a bit of our assistance) are capable of just about anything.

My iPhone in hand, I step into a universe of possibilities. I recently downloaded the My Fitness Pal Application, allowing me to design a plan that tracks my daily calorie intake and weight-loss goals. The program also credits calories back to me when I hit the gym or go for a hike – so the more I exercise, the more I can eat – guilt free.

Amazing! Not only have I lost 5-pounds (in two weeks). I’m also eating healthier and getting my daily-recommended dose of vitamins (it tracks nutrition, as well). I began pondering why this program is having such a positive impact on my life. One word came to mind: “Accountability.”

Hence, by having to record what I am putting into my body I am eating much more consciously. Logging into Fitness Pal is making me responsible for my actions, so I’m making healthier choices. I got to thinking:

What if we were just as accountable in our daily interactions with others?

Just imagine logging-in and accounting for your behavior each and every day: Tracking your judgmental and angry junk-food moments as well as the healthier amounts of kindness you express toward others. Would you be over or under your daily requirement of well-being?

Be your own Fitness Pal

Every time you pick up your mobile phone, try checking-in with your “emotional scorecard.” Actively become aware of opportunities to exercise your goodwill, connection and compassion.

So, decide to shed the weight of any emotional baggage you are unconsciously carrying around. Have the willpower to balance your emotional life diet. Your heart will grow healthier in more ways than one.