“Bill is open, honest, caring and really, really listens. He helped me discover the roadblocks that have kept me from being who I am supposed to be: a happy, healthy person. I see him as a guide, a divining rod who has helped me find my inner aquifer of happiness, strength, and love that is deep inside all of us.”
– Female, Corporate Recruiter
“Every time I have a session with Bill, I have an ‘a-ha moment,’ a spark of clarity that I take with me and build upon. It’s hard to sum up the role Bill has played in my journey to health. He’s helped me through some very traumatic experiences and I’ve come out the other side stronger and healthier than I have ever been. He’s an amazing therapist and an even better soul.”
– Female, cancer survivor

“I was introduced to Bill Benson and his Mental Gym five years ago when seeking help for what seemed to be a collapsing family life.  Bill was able to listen to my concerns, my anger, my fear, my sadness, my frustration and quickly and deftly get me to look into myself; to give me the tools to recognize that most, if not all of my struggles were born within me.

With that realization, and with hard though satisfying work, I have been able to find clarity in those dark moments and negotiate the world with respect for others and myself.  Bill has guided me down this path with incredible insight and knowledge of his craft – that of emotions and of the mind.

The Mental Gym has been so successful with my stability/happiness/mindfulness that my wife and I now regularly visit Bill as a couple. Therapy helps us to understand each other better so that, through the same hard satisfying work, we have a chance to go forward after fifteen years of marriage with a sense of respect for each other and ourselves that will allow us to grow as a couple into our autumn. Thanks, Bill Benson – you define ‘great’.”

Husband, 40’s, Father of Two