How togetherness helps us grow and eventually heals our Grief

How togetherness helps us grow and eventually heals our Grief

Connected together - Togetherness heals our grief

Joey Sweetboy Benson, furry love of my life, transitioned peacefully.

Many of you affectionately knew Joey from his years of therapeutic assistive work. He was my constant companion for 17 of his 18 wonder-dog years (we rescued each other when Joey was about one).

Always the even-pawed witness, Joey walked with me into adulthood (grad school, relationships, state boards, many apartments, shuffling between two cities, etc.) meeting our ever-changing moments with a wagging tail. Whatever the circumstance, for Joey, it was our togetherness that mattered most….

Keeping it Together

Today, I am managing an indescribable void by reaching faithfully toward a heart-felt idea that such a beautiful soul could not have simply evaporated when Joey’s body stopped functioning. I know, on some unquantifiable level, Joey Sweetboy is still with me – still with us….

A childhood rhyme comes to mind as I write this:

“Always together, we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not.”

Through raising Joey, Joey raised me: My fidgety feet found the grounded responsibility of taking care of another. Now, your caring messages and calls are helping me “keep it together.

It is our togetherness that helps us grow and eventually heals our loss.

Dogs are instinctively social. Please honor Joey’s memory by petting the dogs you happen upon. You have Love to give – I know Joey would be very proud knowing that you chose to share your love with another.