The Dogtor is in:

Dogs characteristically respond to us in supportive and accepting ways, providing the emotional safety we need when doing the scary work of digging up our challenges and sifting through our issues:

  • Dogs nudge us away from plotting and proving: Dogs are not focused on how they are coming across. They do not find themselves at “the short end of life’s stick” by comparing themselves to others. They do not take things personally. Dogs do not shift into “what if” predictions or “I should have” commentaries—thoughts at the root of our depression and anxiety.
  • Dogs are great guides for dealing directly with the world: Our self-serving strategies, which can make for murky interactions with others, do not exist in human/dog communications: Dogs are at the door when they want to be walked and at the bowl when they want to be fed—no questioning or guessing necessary. A dog’s behavior is about the moment he is in and any agenda he has is very apparent.
  • Dogs present mirrors through which we can reflect on our behavior: As non-English speakers, canines are attuned to the tone and delivery of our voices: They are not concerned with what we ask but how we are asking. Dogs are, therefore, perfect mirrors to gaze into—helping us gauge and reflect on the effectiveness of our communication with others.


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