Anxiety, Depression, Stress? Decide to Build a Better You

You’re professional and organized… You’re in a relationship or you’re single and sought-after… You’ve worked really hard to get to where you’re at and everything seems up-and-running – but you find yourself increasingly achy and irritated.

You’ve ruled out potential medical issues. You have a hunch about what’s wrong but you’re too uncomfortable, afraid, or exhausted to really address the emotional side of things. Instead, you try to convince yourself: if I ignore these feelings, they’ll eventually go-away…

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics indicate 18.5 percent of American adults struggle with diagnosable emotional conditions. Left untreated, these disturbances have the potential to dramatically impact your goals, dreams, relationships, economic security – and even your longevity.

Bottom-line: we can’t always figure it out alone. Overcoming life’s complications often requires a team approach. The Mental Gym provides a confidential setting where non-judgmental professionals help you talk it out and resolve your challenges once and for all.

Sessions are about gaining insight, and taking action: Combining the tried-and-true methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness Training, we partner with you to work through the unproductive perceptions and behavioral missteps that have you struggling.

Emotional Muscle:

Where to Build it and How to Keep it.              

William Benson

Bill Benson

Whether you’re working through relationship issues, addressing career challenges, experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression – you can better yourself and your situation.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples balance their circumstances and enrich their lives aided by one vital understanding: Our minds (like our muscles) have a natural resiliency to repair, rebuild, and rebound. Simply put: We are not only biologically, but also psychologically built to thrive.

I pioneered The Mental Gym with this powerful awareness. My un-traditional talk therapy technique tackles issues with a combination of creativity and logic: Teaming together, we enlist your emotional resilience and customize a game plan designed to increase personal empowerment, better decision-making, and healthier communication.

All this has created a stir: My counseling methods have been called in the news media. I’ve keynoted professional conferences, testified as an expert in court, and advised audiences via popular webcasts. I’ve done Talk Radio interviews and even co-hosted a psychology-themed cable television series. I am honored that my work is trending in popular culture: However, I am most invested in helping you empower your life.

I feel fortunate to have the training and experience necessary to assist you in identifying, and then eliminating your challenges. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, I will work with you to access your true potential, and cheer you on as you flourish to become the person you were meant to be. 


Bill Benson is Board Certified and Licensed in Marriage, Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling.

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What Bill’s clients have to say about his practice…

“I’ve been a patient of Bill’s since 2007. Over the course of that time, Bill has helped me develop as both a person and artist through simple yet effective strategies that I find myself bringing to bear daily. Over the years, our work together has nourished my career, marriage and sense of self immeasurably.”  

                                                        -Creative Television Executive 

“The thing that stands out the most is that Bill truly wants the very best for his clients. While he’s incredibly empathetic and does an amazing job of helping you cope with pain and depression, he’ll also push you to grow when you need it and help you become a happier, more fulfilled person.”

                                                        -Married, in Career transition